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One More Time


A three or four weeks ago, I played played a musical interlude during communion and offering.  I had been warming up a little earlier that morning and came up with a chord melody I liked pretty well, so I just went with that.  Lori was traveling, so had the afternoon without any company.  So I started working on lyrics for the song.  For me, most of the time song writing can take several days or at the very least, several hours.  But I had been thinking about the concepts that came out in this song, for several months.  And so it came together really fast.  I played it for the worship team at Monday night jam a couple weeks ago and played it for me band this past Friday at or weekly jam.  We decided to give it a go and so here is the recording with drums, bass, acoustic guitars and vocal.  I might end up adding some more instrumentation, not quite sure yet.  Thank you for listening, this is called One More Time.One_More_Time.mp3

Found a Picture


Actually, I didn't find the picture, but someone did.  A friend at church (Brad Gill) came across an old photo from 1974 of a band I was playing in called Open Fist.  The other two members were two of my best friends at college (and still are), Jim Swanson and Kent Severns.  We had a blast.  I think this picture was us playing at DARG, Puget Sound College of the Bible's annual high school senior visitation week end.  That's Kent on the right, Jim in the middle and me on the left.  I can't quite make out what guitar Kent is playing, but it is before he got his Takamine and long before the Martin.  He played bass too, depending on the song and you can see it leaning against the

Hacking a Post


I was doing my once a week maintenance on my web site and noticed it has been 4 years since my last post.  So much for once a week.  Last blog post was in 2014.  Where does the time go.   So as long as I am here, I will post a new blog.  Think I will steal it from my friend Teresa Hunt.  Love her pictures, appreciate what she has to say and most of all am grateful for her friendship.  Here's a link to her blog about the night she visited a jam session.



Going to Church


I was busy enjoying the day job this past week when someone started asking about my music.  The person I was working with mentioned that I hadn't written anything on my blog in a couple of years and have not released an album since 2011.  What can I say, she was right.  But now she's not.  At least as far as the blog, I am now current.  She probably will be right again in a year or so. 

I go to church every Sunday.  Love it.  I think what I love more though, is running into church during the week.  Running into people of faith, followers of The Way, who go about doing their job as best they can trying to honor Christ.  To me, running into church is that blessed moment when you meet a fellow believer and instantly bond in the love, fellowship and encouragement that comes from being part of God's family.  So I ran into church this week in Susanville CA and I will be richer for the experience.  God's blessings to my friends.

Wall of Fame


It won't be long and I will be adding another album to the Wall of Fame in The Shop Recording Studio.  Austin Sweeney finished tracking his album last Wed and we are all set to start mixing tomorrow.  He better hurry up and come up with a title for the album.  Hey Austin, how about a plain white cover?

Look Away


Look Away has been remastered for MP3 and is available for download.  This song was the lead off song for side two of the album, back in the day when albums had two sides.  It was mixed for cassette and was never been released on CD. 

Scott Hybl, the owner of Northstar Recording in Portland and the engineer and producer on my Covenant album played the kick drum, sort of.  He was working on digital samples of real drums (and lots of other sounds) very early on and had some of the original E-Mu systems.

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