Carl Dudley and Friends

Jesu Music was formed in 1976 as the independent record label for Carl Dudley and Friends. One 45 rpm EP was published in 1978. Between 1985 and 1991, Jesu Music published three albums by Carl Dudley and Friends and one album by Jim and Penny Edwards. In 1995, a compilation album of Carl Dudley and Friends was released which included one new song, For a Lifetime. Carl Dudley and Friends released the first album recorded at The Shop in 2007 and a solo album of acoustic guitar music in 2009. Jesu music published Dan Turner's album, Then Came God in 2010.

In 2004 Jesu Music opened a ProTools based recording studio: The Shop. In addition to Carl Dudley and Friends, projects have been done with: Phil Zahn, Chase the Age, Dee Smith, eCsiLe, Matthew Smith, Jon Sherwood, Matthew Anderson, Classic Gospel Sons, Austin Sweeny, Dave Bowlin, Kent Severns and Thunder Road.

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